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This page is devoted entirely to LabVIEW Games - the goal of this page is to collect LabVIEW games and links from various sources.

Why LabVIEW Games?

Die-hard LabVIEW programmers may wonder why we are interested in LabVIEW games. Because games are entirely concerned with the user interface, they often provide useful techniques that can be modified for conventional development. Besides, games are more fun than most of applications we develop on a regular basis.

Here are a few to get you started:

ViBOTS - Take the Challenge!

James Stewart has developed a great LabVIEW game framework. And he's invited everyone along for the ride!

ViBOTS is a virtual robot tournament -- and best of all, it's built using 100% LabVIEW. You are invited to program your own virtual robots and compete against other wireworkers from around the globe. Winning robots prevail and the losers are eliminated. The names of the wire-masters responsible for the winning robots are posted in the on-line tornament listings.
Very cool concept and implementation!

Visit the ViBOTS website at

Laser Invasion

Dominic Lavoie's Laser Invasion masterfully demonstrates LabVIEW's gaming potential. Borrowing from such arcade classics as "MC", "Space Invaders", and others, Dominic shows what is possible when your LabVIEW chops are up to the task.

'It all started with a simple question, "What would it be like to write a game using LabVIEW?" ...

Read Dominic's comments about his game here...

Download the Laser Invasion source files:

LabVIEW for Windows - 1.4MB .zip archive

LabVIEW for Mac - 1.8MB .bin-hqx archive

Download the compiled application files:

(Note: LV Runtime Engine required - see below) :
Windows - 740KB .zip archive

Mac - 320KB .bin-hqx archive

LabVIEW 6.02 Run-time Engine - available from NI.COM:

Windows Runtime Link

Mac Runtime Link

David Thomson's Game of Life

David Thomson, from Original Code Consulting has posted a Game of Life on his web site.

Visit David's Original Code web site for this game and other interesting VIs, or download the game directly here.

The LabVIEW Developer Zone

Searching for "Game" on the NI Developer Zone produced the following links:

John Conway's Game of Life

Connect Four



CIT Games

CIT Engineering also has a few interesting LabVIEW game examples

Click here to link to CIT.


A game called LabTRIS is available from

Click here to link to

If you have developed a LabVIEW game and would like to see it posted, contact Dave Ritter via e-mail:
Note: The games listed on this page are not supported by BetterVIEW. If you have questions about any of the games listed here, please direct them to the game's original author.
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