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Bruel & Kjaer Industrial Emissions Monitor -
Model 1311


With less than 35 combined hours of service, this unit is virtually brand new. Comes complete with original documentation binder and PC configuration software.

From the User's Manual:

"This unit simultaneously measures concentrations of CO2, O2, and a user-specified hydrocarbon in a gas flow. The concentration of each gas is expressed as a volume percentage referenced to dry gas conditions. Concentration of hydrocarbon can also be expressed in mg/m3.

The monitor provides fast and accurate measurement results over wide concentrations. It comes complete with PC software that allows you to configure and calibrate the monitor prior to measuring. The software also offers the option of displaying data graphically while measurements are being made, and storing the data to PC disk for later offline examination."



Hydrocarbons, O2, CO2

Measurement Techniques:
CO2 & Hydrocarbons: photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy
O2: magnetoacoustic spectroscopy

Gas Monitoring:
Sample Gas Flow Rate: 130 ml/min
O2 Reference Flow Rate: 35 ml/min

Hydrocarbons (ref. methane):
Range: 0 to 10 vol%
Detection Limit (2 X RMS noise): 20 ppm (1s averaging)
Accuracy: better than +/(0.004 vol%+3% of reading) from 0 to 3 vol%
Gain Drift: +/- 2%fs/30 days

Range: 0 to 100 vol%
Detection Limit (2 X RMS noise): 20 ppm (1s averaging)
Gain Drift: +/- 2%fs/30 days

Carbon Dioxide:
Range: 0 to 10 vol%
Detection Limit: 200 ppm (1s response time)
Accuracy: +/(0.10 vol% + 3% of reading)
Gain Drift: +/- 2%fs/30 days

More detailed specifications are available by request.

*Note: All specs have been quoted directly from original documentation supplied with the unit. BetterVIEW claims no responsibility for any errors or omissions in these factory-prepared specifications.
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All reasonable offers will be considered. Contact Dave Ritter for more information.

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