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Touchscreen File Dialog Toolset for LabVIEW - now available

BetterVIEW has added a new dimension to our Touchscreen offerings. Now you can quickly and easily add file browsing and selection utilities to your touchscreen-enabled VIs. This equates to more flexible applications, and enhanced end-user satisfaction. Look here for more information about this exciting new addition to our product line.

Mathematica Link for LabVIEW - Re-released during NI Week 2002

The Mathematica Link for LabVIEW upgrade is now available. The package was officially reintroduced at NI Week 2002. It is available from Wolfram Research or directly from BetterVIEW. Look here for more information about this powerful toolkit!

GUI Corner - a regular article for LTR

Dave Ritter, author of "LabVIEW GUI - Essential Techniques" and BetterVIEW's resident GUI wizard will be contributing a regular article to LTR (The LabVIEW Technical Resource Journal). Watch for informative and thought-provoking articles about GUI design and programming in a LabVIEW context. If you are not a regular LTR subscriber, sign up on the LTR web site.

Laser Invasion Game Posted

Dominic Lavoie's Laser Invasion is an excellent example of LabVIEW game programming. It is now posted on the LabVIEW GUI Games page. Click the link to find this and other great LabVIEW games.

BetterVIEW Acquires Mathematica Link for LabVIEW from e-NoteBooks, Inc.

When e-NoteBooks/Sstreams (that invaluable online portal for scientific and technical computing) ceased operations in late 2001, several of the most important assets were sold. One such item was the Mathematica Link for LabVIEW. The Mathematica Link for LV toolkit merges the symbolic and computational power of Wolfram's Mathematica into the LabVIEW workflow - the combination of the two packages offers expanded opportunities for improved data processing, analysis, and visualization. Furthermore, the toolkit also offers the flexible I/O and GUI possibilities of National Instrument's LabVIEW to Mathematica programmers. The synergy of LabVIEW and Mathematica together far surpasses the capabilities of either environment alone.

BetterVIEW is currently upgrading this powerful toolkit for compatibility with LabVIEW 6.x/ Mathematica 4.1, and this upgrade will be released shortly (Q2 - 2002). The Mathematica Link for LabVIEW will be distributed by Wolfram Research worldwide, but an electronic (download -only) version may be offered directly from BetterVIEW. For more information, availability or pricing, contact Dave Ritter via email.

LabVIEW GUI Design Book - Finally Completed!

After more than a year and a half, Dave Ritter's LabVIEW GUI book is now shipping! This book covers the theoretical, practical, and aesthetical aspects of GUI design and programming - from a LabVIEW perspective. "LabVIEW GUI - Essential Techniques" joins other prestigious titles in the McGraw-Hill LabVIEW series - most notably, the very capable LabVIEW books authored by Gary W. Johnson.

For more information about this title and ordering information, look here.

For a preview of Dave's writing style, have a look at this article on attribute node techniques published in the LabVIEW Technical Resource.

Secure Online Order Fulfilment via ShareIt!

BetterVIEW Products are now available for purchase via the ShareIt! secure order processing system. We are still working on setting this up, but the Touch Screen Toolkit is currently available for purchase through this link.

For more information about BetterVIEW Products, visit the Products Page.

BetterVIEW is a National Instruments Affiliate

Click on the banner below to upgrade your copy of LabVIEW or to purchase other National Instruments products.

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Interface Designer's Workshop
  • Improve your designs with our Simple Design Tips
  • Common Design Pitfalls, and how to avoid them
  • LV Designer Color Tools - Free!
  • Panel Critique & Analysis Request

BetterVIEW Products Update
  • The Alphanumeric Keypad and Full QWERTY Keyboard for Touch Screen enabled LV applications have been combined into the "LabVIEW Touch Screen Toolkit." Additional Touch Screen utility VIs are planned for an upcoming release - watch this page for announcements.
  • The Color Picker Pro Utility will be updated shortly to incorporate several GUI enhancements.
  • The BetterVIEW Operator Security System Toolkit (OSS) is complete and should also soon be available from ShareIt!
  • Other VIs and Toolkits are planned - including new items for the Freebies Page! Watch this page and the Products Page for future announcements.

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