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 The Music Page
Select a tune, then press the Play button:

Why a music page on a LabVIEW™ site..??

Why not? A few MIDI selections have been provided for your browsing enjoyment. Your browser must be set up for MIDI music file playback. If you don't have a MIDI player in your browser, or if the audio quality is poor, I would recommend QuickTime™ 3.0; a cross-platform media subsystem and browser plug-in available for download at the Apple site. (More info about QT MIDI below*.)

I have provided a range of styles in an effort to cater to a wide range of musical tastes. They range from classical arrangements to rock with various "commercial" styles in between. Select a tune to start, then press the "Play Music" button. You can skip to the next song at any time by clicking the link text in the small pop-up window. Close the pop-up window to stop the playback.

I hope you enjoy the tunes and appreciate any feedback!

All selections Copyright ShowBoat Music & Audio. All rights reserved

*QT is supplied with a built-in "virtual" synthesizer conforming to the General MIDI Standard. The sounds were prepared by Roland - a world class instrument supplier best known for it's professional line of synthesizers.

Go to the QuickTime™ Download site.