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BetterVIEW Operator Security System (OSS) Toolkit for LabVIEW
A fully-integrated operator password and security system for your LabVIEW applications.
OSS - System Overview

The OSS system provides the following features:

1) Flexible operator password security system:

  • individually assignable operator security clearance levels (up to a maximum of 255 discrete levels)
  • each operator may edit his/her own personal password during run-time
  • complete access for supervisors to add and delete operators or reassign operator passwords and security clearance levels at run-time

Aesthetically-pleasing, intuitive panels that can integrate into any standard LabVIEW GUI.

2) Robust Operator Logging Function:

  • log file generation can be enabled or disabled (by "supervisor-level" operators) at any time
  • Operator Log-in records saved with time and date stamp for online or offline review
  • VI included to save any type of generalized text messages into the Operator Log file - such as parameter change events, system errors, alarms, operator notations, etc.
  • log file names can be generated automatically by the OSS engine, or can be explicitly defined.

Flexible online security parameter editing - accessible only to high clearance operators.

3) Optional "Security Time-Out Function" :

  • reduces the potential for tampering on unattended PCs.
  • time-out function can be enabled/disabled at any time (by a "supervisor-level" operator)
  • fully programmable time-out interval can be edited at any time (by a "supervisor-level" operator)
  • full access to time-out information - therefore, time-out feature can be easily controlled from your own upper-level GUI VIs without any wiring modifications

Fully configurable "Security Time-Out feature" prevents unauthorized tampering.

4) Remote Operator log-in using VI Server over a TCP/IP network (remote.llb VIs) :

  • up-to-the-second "client" PC access to "server-based" operator names, passwords, and security levels
  • option to record remote operator log-in events to a centralized Operator Log File maintained on the server PC.
  • a choice of "global" or "local" security time-out settings for each "client" node on the network

A Set-up Wizard is also included to help you quickly configure the OSS security parameters on your target systems.

5) Encrypted Operator Password/ Security Parameters Configuration File:

  • discourages tampering with sensitive security system parameters
  • more complex encryption than a simple cipher, less demanding of PC resources than PGP

6) "Operator Security System Set-up Wizard" :

  • automates and simplifies the task of setting parameters and choosing security system options.

    Extensive demo VIs including the on-line graphical Help VI depicted above show you how to integrate the OSS in your own applications.

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