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Custom Interface Design...? Why?

Reason #1: Maximize the impact of that all-important first impression.

Consider these two images:

    Dream Car imageold car image


Which one creates a better first impression? Now consider your application's user interface from the point of view of your clients. What kind of first impression does it make? Is the visual appearance of your application doing all it can to enhance that all-important first impression? Clients will be much more responsive to the unique and powerful features of your application if they immediately perceive a sense of quality and attention to detail.

Reason #2: Logical and intuitive interface design reduces operator learning curves and improves run-time efficiency. Panel fragment A

During software development, it can sometimes be quite challenging to visualize the finished application through the eyes of the end-user or operator. Even a very well defined user interface concept can be compromised as components are added and removed to accommodate the evolving structure of the underlying functionality. At all stages of application development, the interface design should be evaluated and refined. Input from a third-party source can be invaluable for illuminating oversights and ensuring your interface design remains effective and efficient.

Reason #3: Graphical depictions of real-world hardware provide immediate object recognition and add context to data displays.

2 Silos graphic

Nothing provides immediate recognition like a picture. Graphical depictions facilitate comprehension, remove ambiguity, and therefore increase efficiency. Graphical indicators and numerical displays superimposed over rendered screen images provide immediate feedback that is not possible with numerical displays or generalized graphical depictions alone. This type of graphical detail also adds a polished, professional, "custom" finish to any application.



Reason #4: Attractive visual presentation makes your application more accessible for non-technical decision makers and potential clients.

Panel fragment C

The fact is, decisions about capital resource allocation are often made by individuals well versed in management and accounting principles, but often somewhat less experienced in the areas of engineering and technology. It can be a challenge to communicate sophisticated or abstract technical concepts to managers with limited technical experience or training. A clearly focused graphical interface helps to make your application more accessible and easier to comprehend, thus requiring fewer of the technical explanations and elaborations that tend to alienate key non-technical decision makers.


Reason #5: A distinctive interface immediately differentiates your application from the competition.

BV Panel imageWhether you are selling a turnkey solution or providing consulting services, company and/or product differentiation and recognition are important if you want to be identified and remembered by potential clients or customers. A distinctive, memorable product image can go a long way toward getting your product in front of your customers and keeping it there.


Reason #6: Full color screen captures of your application can be added to your promotional materials for increased impact and an enhanced professional image.

BV Panel image

Leading software companies always provide vivid "screen shots" of their running applications. There are a number of reasons why this makes good marketing sense. Leverage the investment you have made in your custom graphical interface to enhance product and company recognition, demonstrate uniqueness and quality of design, and ultimately improve your bottom line.


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