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The BetterVIEW Touchscreen File Dialog Toolset
Add complete file browsing and selection capabilities to your LabVIEW touchscreen applications!

Touchscreen file browsing, selection, creation, etc.
- and a well-crafted, intuitive user interface!

One of the challenges of deploying a LabVIEW application using a touchscreen is the issue of providing adequate file system access to users. While some developers may choose to automate the file management tasks, this can limit the flexibility, control, and operator satisfaction of your touchscreen application.

The BetterVIEW Touchscreen File Dialog Toolset provides everything you need to provide complete file system access. The custom touchscreen file dialog VIs are patterned after standard operating system file browsers, but are also designed with the strengths and weaknesses of the touchscreen in mind. With these ready-made, fully-documented, and completely modifiable VIs, you can quickly and easily provide full control for browsing, selecting, saving, copying, and/or moving files. In short, anything that is possible using standard file dialogs is now within reach for your touchscreen applications!

A full, QWERTY keyboard (from the BetterVIEW Touchscreen Toolkit) is also included. This allows users to type in the directory or filename of choice when creating new directories or files.

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Download a Limited Demo Version
- LV 6.0 or higher

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The BetterVIEW Touch Screen Toolkit
Now includes the Alphanumeric Keypad VI and the QWERTY Keyboard VI with multiple custom graphic key styles

Alphanumeric Keypad VI for touch-screen monitors

The Keypad VI provides alphanumeric input for your touch-screen enabled LV application.

A quick and versatile input option!

Full keyboard functionality!
Full QWERTY Keyboard VI for touch-screen monitors

This easily integrated keyboard VI provides a fully function touch-screen QWERTY keyboard for your LV application. Includes upper/lower case characters, punctuation keys, a Delete key, a programmable, multifunction Enter key and more.

The BetterVIEW Operator Security System (OSS) Toolkit for LabVIEW
A fully-integrated operator password and security system for your LabVIEW applications.

Most any industrial application can benefit from some form of password security and operator logging. With the robust BetterVIEW OSS Toolkit, all of the most desirable security features are integrated into a single, easy to use library of VIs. OSS features include:
  • Flexible operator password security system with individually assignable operator security clearance levels.
  • Automatic Operator Log File generation
  • Switchable "Security Time-out" feature
  • "Plug & Play" network support VIs for distributed apps
  • Encrypted Operator Passwords and Security System Parameters file
  • Security System "Set-up Wizard" for quick and easy system configuration and deployment
  • Extensive documentation, numerous sample VIs, and graphical on-line help VIs show you how to quickly and easily integrate these toolkit VIs into virtually any VI hierarchy.
  • and more!

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Pricing & Ordering Information

Download a Limited Demo Version
- Windows (LV 5.1 or higher)

Download a Limited Demo Version
- MacOS (LV 5.1 or higher)

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A fully-integrated security solution!

LabVIEW GUI - Essential Techniques

The definitive guide to LabVIEW GUI Design and Programming by BetterVIEW's own GUI design specialist, David J. Ritter

The book includes a CD-ROM with over 100 VIs demonstrating key LabVIEW GUI techniques.

LabVIEW™ Color Picker Pro

This VI is an indispensable LV programmer's tool designed to help you choose effective, professional color combinations for your LV applications. An effective color combination will spark your design creativity and instantly improve the appearance of your applications.

Choose effective color combinations!

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