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If you're in the market for some great bargains on practically new lab equipment, look no further. All of the items listed here were acquired just prior to the cancellation of a major research project, and therefore are virtually unused. Some items have never been deployed while most other items have seen less than 20 combined hours of active service.

Featured Items
Bruel & Kjaer Industrial Emissions Monitor - Model 1311

Like new! Less than 20 combined hours of service. High accuracy, continuous monitoring of CO2, O2, and hydrocarbon concentrations. Read more...

other items
Other Lab Items
3 Syscon Temperature Controller -
1 Fisher Scientific pH Monitor 915
1 Milton Roy Spectonic 21D
4 Linde Flow Controller 5853E
4 Linde Flow Controller 160502024117-10FRC
11 Linde Flow Controller 1605024133-21FRC
6 Linde Flow Controller 202-4117-4FRC
10 Linde Flow Controller 19FRC-202-4118
1 Linde Flow Monitor 202-4186-23FRM
4 Linde Flow Monitor FM4660A
1 Linde Flow Monitor FM4575
1 Brooks Flow Monitor 5860E
1 Brooks Flow Monitor 5836A1
1 Brooks Flow Monitor 5835D2
1 Blue M Lab Oven OV-8A

All reasonable offers will be considered. Contact Dave Ritter for more information.

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